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Baldwin, NY - Developed by an optometrist in 2007, was designed to provide its users easily accessible and current information regarding contact lenses and contact lens care products. The website is a search engine with a robust infrastructure that allows for detailed searches that yield results on over 2,000 contact lens products from more than 150 different contact lens manufacturers. 

Understanding that there are literally hundreds of contact lens options available, The Right Contact Team has developed a new method for prescribers to research this information.   With just a few clicks one can easily search and compare lenses (as well as lens care products) on dozens of preferred and relevant parameters.  By bringing together a mass collection of contact lens information to one location, it enables users to filter and identify that information like never before.  This empowers its users to be the most effective practitioners that they can be.

The site also provides other services encompassing all of the major areas of needs for eye care professionals, regardless of the level or stage of their career.  Aside from parameter and fitting guides, will also be a valuable information portal with a social element that unites users through the sharing of news, articles, patient care assistance and other pertinent industry-related data.

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