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Newsletter Editor Commentary

Are multiple lens options a blessing or a curse? This is a question we may ask ourselves from time to time. You know that instance where you have that "picky" patient on trial lens option #6 with no end in sight.

While technology has brought us to a place where there is so much to offer the patient, we have to remember that our time is valuable and if we let them, contact lens fits can go on forever! For that reason it is very useful to learn tricks and tips to increase your efficiency. This month's video quick tip addresses that by offering an idea on how to "pre-diagnose" a poor soft toric lens candidate.

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Jason E. Compton, O.D. FAAO,
President of The Right Contact, Inc.
Video Quick Tips

Video Quick Tip: The

Video Quick Tip:  The

The "Becherer Twist" is a quick test that will help you determine your patients ability to tolerate a soft toric contact lens.

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Industry News

Astera Multifocal Toric Offers New Options

Alden Optical recently announced that it was expanding the parameters of the ASTERA™ Multifocal Toric.   Since 2012, the ASTERA Multifocal Toric has been offering practitioners a higher level of performance for presbyopes who can benefit from custom lens prescriptions and/or astigmatic correction. 

Astera Multifocal Toric

Multifocal Contact Lens Myopia Control

In a recent study, examiners looked to determine the progression of myopia in children over a 2 year period.  These children, between the ages of 8 and 11, were fit with a commercially available contact lens and monitored for myopic progression and axial elongation.  During the 2 year study, participants fit with soft multifocal contact lenses benefited from a 50% reduction in the progression of myopia and a 29% reduction in axial elongation. 

American Academy of Optometry

  Product Changes On
Additional Parameters
Astera Multifocal Toric - MTO
Alden Optical
Available through Alden
Orion Vision Group
New Diameter
Visionary Optics
Travel Pack
Unique-pH Multi-Purpose Solution



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