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Newsletter Editor Commentary

This month marks the end of an era.  Earlier this year, Vistakon announced that it was discontinuing its ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses BIFOCAL and ACUVUE® 2® COLOURS®.  While many of us have prescribed these products for years, these changes are welcomed considering they are being replaced by products that are far superior.

These, and other product changes, speak to a bigger issue.  It is truly amazing to see how the contact lens industry continues to advance. Our options are constantly increasing with new materials, modalities and solutions.  With talk of contact lenses as telescopes, offering augmented reality and serving as drug delivery devices, we can see that we have only begun to experience what is in store.

Hopefully, and similar resources will help you keep abreast of these changes so that you can make sure your understanding/prescribing habits are maturing as well.  

Jason E. Compton, O.D. FAAO,
President of The Right Contact, Inc.
Video Quick Tips

Video Quick Tip: Scleral Lens Filling Solutions

Video Quick Tip: Scleral Lens Filling Solutions

When considering proper filling solutions for scleral contact lenses we need to use something that will not only promote a healthy environment, but will help facilitate both vision and a comfort. This video will show how contact lens fitters have many options at their disposal.

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Industry News

Drug Delivery Contact Lenses

In a recent paper researchers from Massachusetts Eye and Ear/Harvard Medical School Department of Ophthalmology, Boston Children’s Hospital, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology  explained how they developed a "drug-eluting contact lens designed for prolonged delivery of latanoprost for the treatment of glaucoma".

Science Direct

Factors in Contact Lens Symptoms

Using a large contact lens study database, researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, set out to evaluate factors that affect contact lens-related discomfort and dryness.  As expected, factors such as lens movement, surface deposits and poor wettability were among the main reasons for symptoms.  


Berkeley University of California

  Product Changes On
Additional Cylinder
Avaira Toric
Large Diameter Cases



What is the main reason your patients discontinue contact lens use?
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