NOVARTIS and GOOGLE Team Up To Creat a Smart Contact Lens [ view all news ]

Google may always be best known as a verb that means to look something up but it is also a dynamic corporation heavily invested in technological research: that Novartis and Google have come together in the quest to create a smart contact lens has generated considerable interest from the medical and financial communities.

How would a smart contact lens differ from a regular contact lens?

Novartis CEO Joseph Jimenez explains that the smart contact lens his company envisions would have the ability to, for example, alert a diabetic when her blood glucose levels were falling. Another possible benefit of the smart lens would be improved sight for seniors who have difficultly focusing in on specific things: the smart lens would do the focusing for them.

The smart contact lens is still a few years away, though financial analysts as well as those in the eye care industry will no doubt be closely following its development.


Release Date : 2015-01-22
News Categories : Research