Johnson & Johnson Developing New Types of Contact Lenses [ view all news ]

Johnson & Johnson operates over 275 companies in more than 60 countries and posted global sales of over 74.3 billion USD in 2014. The Johnson & Johnson 2013 Annual Report points out that 25% of company’s sales for that period were attached to new products they had introduced in the 5 years before 2013. And, unsurprisingly, the patents applications continue to flow out of Johnson & Johnson’s office, a considerable number of them related to contact lenses.

One patent of note is relevant to making electronic components for contact lenses – with the eventual goals of making it much more difficult to copy or counterfeit lenses and improving their aesthetic value.

Other recent reports have uncovered patent applications from Johnson & Johnson attached to protecting lenses with elements of liquid crystal, related to focal variation processes, as well as for a lens made using thermochromic materials, which could protect the eye from excessive amounts of sunlight.

Another filed patent relates to making a contact lens of a soft material that is biocompatible and includes a mechanism to change the lens – so, say there were an abundance of UV rays in a patient’s immediate environment, the mechanism would react to this, possibly by changing the PH level or releasing a pathogen.

Johnson & Johnson is working on several new technologies that could change how the modern contact lens operates; a worthy question to ponder is which technologies will make it out of the laboratories and into the market.



Release Date : 2015-01-26
News Categories : Manufacturing, Research