1day Miru Parameter Expansion and Patient Rebate Program Announced [ view all news ]

Menicon America, Inc. recently expanded the Miru 1day Menicon Flat Pack parameters to include plus powers. The current power range is now available from -10.00 to +4.00D. All powers are available in trial six-packs, 30 packs and 90 packs.

In addition, Menicon America has introduced new 1day Miru 90 pack packaging, a solid plastic, watertight case that holds 90 lenses for the patient. Each case is made from recycled molds from the 1day Miru CENTRAFORM™ manufacturing process and can be recycled after use. Parameter information is laser etched on the bottom and side of the case, ensuring legible text that cannot be damaged or worn down over time.

New patient rebates are also available through Menicon.  A rebate of up to $110 on an annual supply of 1day Miru is available to patients who qualify. The rebate consists of an $80 product rebate and a $30 professional fees rebate. For more information, please visit: www.clwebstore.com/rebates or call: 800-636-4266.

Release Date : 2015-06-12
News Categories : Expanded Parameters, Soft Lenses