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The “Becherer Twist” – How Will Your Patient Perform in a Soft Toric Contact Lens? Reply


(See the Video Here:  Video Quick Tip)

So, what do you know about the “Becherer Twist”?  No… its not a new dance!  This quick test is an oldie but goodie, and can go a long way in saving you chair time.

Let me explain.

We have all been in a situation where our toric lens fits morph into multiple visits and multiple trial options.  So much effort is put into the process only to find out that this particular patient is a poor candidate or is just going to have to deal with some lens limitations.

The “Becherer Twist” is a quick test that will help you determine the patients prognosis for a good fit right from the start.

Here is what you do. Read more

[Oct 06, 2013]
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