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Rub vs. No Rub – How Do We Properly Use Contact Lens Solution? 1

No Rub Contact Lens Solution

It wasn’t that long ago that manufacturers were claiming that their solutions were effective enough that they did not require rubbing.  Whether this was a marketing claim for convenience, or it was an attempt for the contact lens user to go through their supply quicker, this was a habit clearly embraced by many contact lens wearers.

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[Jun 17, 2014]
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Who Is At Fault? FDA Panel Deliberates Whether Contact Lens Users Should Be Given New Guidelines 1


Are your patients “behaving” themselves?  It is estimated that about 80% of the problems caused from wearing contacts are the result of patients going rogue; that is, not following the clear directions they are given. When it comes to contact lens solutions, this is especially the case. Patients regularly use solutions much longer than recommended, and sometimes even use tap water.  So who should be responsible when patients disregard our recommendations and follow their own guidelines?  The Ophthalmic Devices Panel, which is part of the FDA Medical Devices Advisory Committee, does not believe that the industry should be held accountable when contact users ignore instructions.

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[Jun 10, 2014]
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