An Attempt To Address ‘Misbehaving’ Contact Lens Patients

Getting our patients to be compliant with contact lens replacement schedules can be a very challenging task.  While patients may have various reasons not to respect these guidelines, it very important that we continue to clearly outline the associated risks.

But what are the associated risks?  As expected, studies have found a direct relationship between compliance and the presence of ocular complications1,2.  Interestingly enough, research has also shown something else.  Did you know that patients who  abuse these schedules also have longer times between routine eye examinations?3  This information is not only important for the contact lens professional, but industry is also affected by these results.  Understanding all of these factors, it is easy to see why Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, has recently decided to make a bold move.

Johnson & Johnson now requires its customers to buy 6-month packs of its ACUVUE® OASYS® Brand Contact Lenses.  This adjustment is not only an attempt to address compliance with replacement schedules, but it is also inadvertently encouraging more frequent eye exams.  As indicated in their recent press release, “… research showed that patients with larger pack sizes tended to be more compliant in replacing their lenses bi-weekly as recommended by their doctor, had a significantly better wearing experience with respect to better comfort throughout the day, at the end of the day, and throughout the wear cycle” 4.   According to Laura Angelini, president, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Companies, North America. “Additionally, patients with larger pack sizes said they were more likely to return to their doctor the next time they need an eye examination.” 4

Understanding patient habits is not only important for the eye care professional, but manufacturers are interested as well.  Rest assured that this strategy of Johnson & Johnson will be met by other attempts to target the same issues.  Fortunately, these changes will ultimately help our ‘misbehaving’ patients in the long run.

Happy Prescribing!

Jason E. Compton OD FAAO

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[Jul 08, 2014]
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