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Author : The Right Contact Team

The design of contact lenses is a delicate, intricate process with a variety of parameters that must be considered prior to prescribing.  These variations on parameters are in fact what makes the prescription unique and allows the patron to receive a product that meets their specific needs.

To review these parameters, many eye care professionals rely on documentation that is outdated and at times mayTheRightContact Logo be difficult to access.  These challenges impact the effectiveness of operations for prescribers throughout the nation and more importantly, these areas impact their ability to adequately service the patients that fall under their care.

TheRightcontact.com has developed a solution that will remedy this challenge and in the process, positively impact industry professionals and consumers on a national basis. 

The website is search engine oriented in nature with a robust infrastructure that allows for detailed searches that yield results on approximately 2000 contact lenses from more than 100 different lens manufacturers.  The search engine allows users to search and compare contact lenses and contact lens products on dozens of search criteria. 

The site also provides other services encompassing all of the major areas of needs for eye care professionals, regardless of the level or stage of their career.  Aside from parameter and fitting guides, theRightcontact.com will also be a valuable information portal with a social element that unites users through the sharing of news, articles, patient care assistance and other pertinent industry-related data.

Jason E. Compton O.D.

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