What is TheRightContact.com?

TheRightContact.com is an easily accessible resource for the contact lens professional.  This website will prove useful for sales people within the contact lens industry, students refining their skills, opticians and doctors fitting/dispensing lenses, and manufacturers looking for additional exposure for their products. 

TheRightContact.com empowers users to locate contact lens information more efficiently than ever before.  This is accomplished by our extensive database which has the individual specifications of more than 2000 contact lens products from over 150 contact lens manufacturers.

TheRightContact.com also maintains a strong social media presence. Whether following our contact lens blog, contact lens forum or other social media outlets (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or Google+), users are constantly updated on changes in the contact lens industry.

Who developed The Right Contact.com? Is there any product bias?

TheRightContact.com was created by Jason E. Compton, O.D. in 2007.  Working in a private practice setting, Dr. Compton has no affiliation with the products or companies listed on this website.

The information listed on this website will be provided only by medically trained and qualified professionals.  If information is offered by a non-medically qualified professional, or organization, this will be clearly indicated.

Advertising is the sole source of funding for TheRightContact.com.  To help maintain transparency, support for TheRightContact.com will be clearly identified, including the identities of commercial and non-commercial organizations that have contributed funding, services or material for this site.

How often are the databases updated?

With the exception of the online pricing comparison, all databases are updated on an “as needed” basis.  As soon as we are notified about product changes, they are immediately updated to their respective databases.  The date when a clinical page was last modified will be clearly displayed on the products results page.   

Therefore, the website has the latest listing of contact lens products. For instance, our soft lens database maintains the most comprehensive listing of daily contact lenses, disposable contact lenses, color contact lenses, toric contact lenses, multifocal contact lenses, prosthetic contact lenses, sports usage contact lenses, color deficiency contact lenses and pediatric contact lenses in the industry.

The online pricing comparison is updated on a monthly basis. 

Do I need anything special to use this service?

Once registered, all you need to use TheRightContact.com is a computer (or mobile device) with an internet connection.

How do I find products I am looking for within TheRightContact.com?

There are several methods of locating information.  You start by using the “Simple Search” which can be found on the header of every page.  More detailed searches may require the “Advanced Search” option.  This link can also be found the header of each page.  Other methods include the fitting tools section and the Google powered search engine.

What registration plans are available?

There are two types of memberships within TheRightContact.com. 


The "Premier Membership" is free of charge and registers a user for a 12 month period.  At the conclusion of the membership term, the user is required to answer a short survey to re-register for an additional 12 months. 


The "Student Membership" is free of charge and registers a user until their graduation date. The benefits of this membership are identical to that of the "Premier Membership". 

What types of products are listed on TheRightContact.com?

There are 5 different databases within TheRightContact.com. Users are able to search through information for Soft Contact Lenses, Gas Permeable Contact Lenses, Hybrid Contact Lenses, Button Materials and Lens Products (which includes dozens of contact lens solutions).

The product databases contains both mainstream manufacturers (like those from Abbott Medical Optics, Alcon, Bausch + Lomb, Ciba Vision, Coopervision, Vistakon etc.) and manufacturers that produce specialty contact lenses like scleral contact lenses, hybrid contact lenses, multifocal contact lenses, cosmetic/theatrical contact lenses, prosthetic contact lenses, astigmatic contact lenses and pediatric contact lenses.


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